Friday, March 12, 2010


Just a little Friday fun in honor of the next-gen, pop myth-defining, #2 trailer for Iron Man 2.

I did these re-designs a little while back when Marvel announced the upcoming evolution of the Iron Man armor in the comics.

Tony Stark has worn numerous suits over the years, either out of necessity or fashion with the design challenge always being to make him "the same but different" for fans.

My own rough takes range from:

A streamlined hybrid "greatest hits" armor

to a sports car chassis

to something more impersonal and alien like a second skin

Exciting times to see a 40+ year-old comic character enter the popular imagination in a big way, especially one that speaks to cleaning up the messes (the industrial military complex, iceberg tip class stratification, and the underbelly of globalization) of our own creation.

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