Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Faithful readers of this blog might remember mention of a horror short called FROZEN DARK.

Swifty, Chris, and I created it for a black and white horror anthology edited by friend and co-worker Rick Ritter. Based on a story by Chris, FROZEN DARK deals with that common childhood fear of having to make a midnight trip to the bathroom, except this tale is set in the frozen wasteland surrounding a Tibetan orphanage.

Now, Rick and cover artist David Palumbo are bringing a pitch book of the anthology (titled DON'T LOOK!) to San Diego in search of a publisher. The book also features stories from other NYC Animation heavyweights Bob Algeo, Paul Zdanowicz, and Scott Cooper.

Knock 'em dead, guys!

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  1. aw man,so good to see you out there,i got a great pic of you signing my poster coming.and yeah like i said,the editors were amazing to talk to,hope something good comes of it