Friday, October 29, 2010

FEEDING GROUND _ Dia De Los Muertos

One of the great challenges of making FEEDING GROUND has been juggling the multiple factions of the world we have created, particularly the lives of the 5 family members who provide the core for this tale. We hope to have created living characters and, in doing so, made the risks they face more striking.

Here's a new review of Issue 1 that points directly to the role of family in the book, celebrating their humanity. In honor of Halloween, I'll then follow that up with some grisly glimpses of the gauntlet that awaits them.

COMIC RELATED - "Why I Love Comics" by Eric Ratcliffe
October, 2010
Eric has written some of my favorite reviews of some of my favorite comics (Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Sweets) and now he puts words to FEEDING GROUND #1.

REVIEW - (excerpt) - "
My verdict is that if you enjoy books that explore the human condition as well as add plenty of mystery and a little bit of suspense/action I really think you'll enjoy this. I can happily say I have no idea where they are taking this but I sure as hell am in for the ride! "


  1. Hi: I think so far I haven't had the chance to compliment your work. We were both contributors of the first issue of The Gathering, and I think your art really stood out.

    I'd love to count you as a follower of my blog, and I'll add myself as follower of your blog too.