Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PIN-UP ART _ The Coma!

I had the great fortune to meet cartoonist Javier Hernandez when he did a pin-up for FEEDING GROUND. His art and creations (El Muerto, Weapon Tex Mex, and now, The Coma) are wild and poppy; Silver Age superheroes set in the modern day. His work is like Steve Ditko by way of Southern California.

(art by Javier Hernandez)

Recently, I had a chance to return the favor by doing a pin-up for The Coma. Check below for a first pass, the rough sketch, and final color. You can learn more about Javier and order books, including a premiere art set, HERE.

(a little dull but I liked the vascular system as "spidey-sense")

(with a dreamy character, I started thinking of pulpy nightmares like snakes & fire)

(finish off by complimenting the fire with the veins)

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