Thursday, October 11, 2012

FEEDING GROUND _ NYCC 2012 Effective Pitches Panel

New York Comic Con is here again but this will be the first time in a few years that I won't be attending. I'm already missing old friends, the meeting of new people, and the little tingle you get from all of that paper drying out your lungs.

FEEDING GROUND co-creator and co-hort, writer Swifty Lang will be representing us signing at the Archaia booth from 3-4PM on Friday, October 11th.

He will also be included as a presenter and the following panel:

How to Prepare an Effective Submission
Friday, 10/12 5:15-6:15pm, Room 1A06
Want to pitch your idea as a graphic novel? Archaia editors and a pair of Archaia creators—Feeding Ground’s Swifty Lang and Pantalones, TX’s Yehudi Mercado—show what should go into an effective submission.
Our publisher Archaia, and in particular our Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy, have pointed to our NYCC 2009 Pitch Book (cover above) as a great format, both in style and content, for other aspiring creators to follow when pitching their ideas. We were one of very few books that they signed right on the Con floor.
Now, you can NOW download the whole Pitch Book PDF HERE

There's video of me talking through the process at the NYCC 2011 Panel on my YouTube page HERE

And, I went into some discussion of the particulars of the pitch book in a previous blog post HERE

Good luck, all - have a great Con and score some free posters for me.

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