Monday, August 31, 2009

COMIC PAGES 02 _ When you gotta go...

After completing our pitch book, John, Chris, and I decided to start our own comic imprint, "Blacklight Studios," with the intention of collaborating on genre fiction with a political bent.

We were given the opportunity to contribute to a black and white horror anthology, still in production, and rifled through a few ideas ranging from Brooklyn-based wall monsters to haunted Spanish conquistadors.

Then Chris shared a story he heard while visiting Tibet. Chris Mangun knows how to grip a room. The guy has old-timey storytelling skills and should go on tour with his anecdotes.

As a kid, it was always pretty scary to have to make that walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Waiting in the dark, hoping the urge will pass, and fearing what might grab your ankle on the way out. Now imagine if you lived in the Himalayas and your walk meant braving icy winds and signs of The Yeti.

Here are a few in-progress pages from our 12-page story, "Frozen Dark."


  1. Glad you got a blog!
    I am "following" your posts,as they put it.


  2. looks great. I'm gonna hafta ask Chris to tell me his story one day.

  3. This will totally be a riff on Chris' experience but his stories are always larger than life.

  4. Amazing work, Mike! I can't wait to read Frozen Dark. It looks awesome.

  5. Mike, these pages are knocking me right on my ass. Awesome work. --dave p

  6. Thanks Dave! Looking forward to this story seeing the light of day at SDCC as part of the DON'T LOOK! horror anthology.