Monday, August 31, 2009

COMIC PAGES 03 _ Star Search

Having worked in children's (mostly pre-school) animation for 10+ years, I've had to sharpen my rendering skills to meet the demands of an adult horror tale set in the "real" world.

When I saw that Oni Press was running their 2009 Talent Search, it seemed like a great opportunity to work from a professional script that wasn't self-generated and to hopefully obtain some constructive criticism.

Of the three posted sample scripts, I chose to render the first five pages of a new graphic novel by Antony Johnston called "Cold City," a political thriller set during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

No word yet, but it was a fruitful learning process and I discovered that I really enjoy illustrating smoke.


  1. wow. this is incredible work. I love the use of black as your grounding tone, and the character work is a very nice surprise. I didn't know you could do this stuff. I certainly could not. Really good, man.

  2. Thanks AVDJ - the character work is not coming easy but it's really rewarding when I can get a performance out of a drawing.