Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FUN TO DRAW 01 _ Hair

As a new sub-set I'll occasionally post some details from the comic I'm working on.

Since I won't be able to post full panels or pages I thought it would be cool to highlight elements that I'm grooving on.

Right now, HAIR!

I can't say that I'm proficient at it but it's extremely gratifying to lay down some ink and achieve volume, texture, shine, and body. Luxuriant!

What say any other artists checking in? Hair it or Nair it? Do you wish all of your characters were bald? Am I going to detest inking hair by the end of Issue 2?


  1. Personally, I have always found that the masters of drawing and inking hair were Alex Raymond, Stan Drake, and Wallace Wood-- (Drake especially; Check out his newspaper strip 'The Heart of Juliet jones').
    I often refer to those guys on that particular subject often.

  2. Nice - I'm unfamiliar with Stan Drake and I'm excited to check him out! Thanks for the insight.