Wednesday, February 10, 2010

COMIC EVENTS 03 _ MoCCA Thursdays

Just wanted to give a heads up to those in the NYC area about the incredible programs at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in Manhattan every Thursday night in February.

This week is:

**Spider-Man: 25 Years of Amazing

Thursday February 11th, 7 PM
Admission: $5 | Free for MoCCA Members **

With a full round-table discussion with many Spider-Man editors and writers past and present along with a full issue of original John Romita Jr./ Klaus Janson art on the walls.

Next week is an amazing meeting of the minds/ worlds for me. I've worked in NYC Animation for over ten years, primarily at Nickelodeon, and only recently started to try my hand at comics. I've taken a class at MoCCA and was floored by their Dave Mazzuchelli exhibition a few months back. Now, they'll be highlighting the other "C" in their name by having Nickelodeon's animation director Dave Levy talk about the process of pitching cartoons for series.

I worked with Dave when he was Animation Director on Blue's Clues and he is extremely passionate and informed about his calling. Dave has served as the head of ASIFA East, written a a book about Animation Development and another informative book on the culture of being an animation professional, and his talk is sure to be insightful for anyone who is curious about getting their foot in the door and making a job of making cartoons.


  1. i had planned on going to the spiderman thing think you'll make it.

  2. Hey Man - I hope to, weather permitting. I'll let you know for sure.