Thursday, May 27, 2010

FUN TO DRAW 02 _Viscera and Gore

As a horror comic, Feeding Ground has its fair share of bloodletting and the desecration of the human form. At times, it can be unsettling to draw, especially as we try to ground it somewhat in the real world with real people with lives and families.

But, with varied textures and surfaces, it's hella fun to ink.

Below you'll find the remains of one of the victims in our Pitch Book. Since then, his fate has taken on more significance with an even more grisly demise.

Thanks to the ever-informative and enjoyable Word Balloon Podcast by John Siuntres and his ongoing Q&A with comic creator Brain Michael Bendis on "The Bendis Tapes." Working alone in my studio, the show is excellent company and a friendly reminder of the industry and lives of the comic world at large as I redraw intestines for 40 minutes.

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