Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This Saturday, I'll be one of two local artists at my hometown comic shop Vector Books in Bayonne, NJ. The proprietors, mother and son Tina and Joe, could not be nicer. "Vectors" has been open for 20+ years and it was one of two shops I frequented weekly while growing up. It's right across the street from the ice cream stand Magic Fountain - how can you beat that?

The other artist, Dave Ryan, has created the equivalent of an event comic for the Indy Comic characters of the 90s, called WAR OF THE INDEPENDENTS. Learn more, here.

In honor of the occasion, I thought I'd also share some pics and art from recent FEEDING GROUND appearances and boosters from around the globe.

CHICAGO, IL - Promotional art for C2E2

AUSTIN, TX - Jef UK sporting the FEEDING GROUND shirt at Staple! Con. Paintings by the great Aaron Bir.

MIAMI, FL - Swifty's parents sporting warm weather versions of the shirt at Wizard Con, Miami. You can customize your own color combinations for the shirt here.

TOKYO, Japan - Friend of FEEDING GROUND, Juan Doe, working abroad. This was taken before the tsunami and we were glad to hear he's ok. All our best to him, his family, and the people of Japan.

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