Friday, April 1, 2011


As I finish art on the final issue of FEEDING GROUND,  I've also started production on Pitch Art for an animated Pre-School Pilot.  In the course of a single work day I've drawn someone having their throat ripped out as well as designing hair style options for a five year-old.  I enjoy both ("enjoy" might not be the right word with the throat-ripping) and the last year has certainly been the most bi-polar in terms of juggling subject matter and illustration styles.

Someone pointed this out when reviewing my new temporary (until I have the time to update my website) portfolio link.  Here are two examples from pitches that are currently being shopped around. The first one features grotesque, pint-sized, grifters and the other features a former toll-booth collector riding a rhino and teaching kids how to read (I may have mixed those up).

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