Monday, April 25, 2011

FEEDING GROUND _ Press and Process

I'm in the thick of finishing art on the sixth and final issue of FEEDING GROUND. Haven't had time for a long process post in a while so I thought I would share links to some in-depth interviews.

After an extremely well-considered review of the first four issues by the guys at The Pullbox, they had us on for a Q&A that breaks down some of the inspiration of the book as well as the steps of our production chain.

Likewise, Chris and I had a fun conversation with horror comic maven Decapitated Dan about FG and horror books in general.  One question we addressed: why do our werewolves kinda look like baboons?  I guess I'm hearing second-hand that some readers weren't so hot on the design.  What about you?

Lastly, we were chosen as the "Sunday Pick" by Kate over at Functional Nerds.

Cool, cool.

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