Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Swifty, Chris, and I originally created and pitched FEEDING GROUND when I was on hiatus from working as a Digital Designer on Nickelodeon's pre-K math show TEAM UMIZOOMI.  

The show was created by my former BLUE'S CLUES Design Supervisor, Soo Kim, and she established an aesthetic that is both dense with detail as seen on the small scale of the characters and also infused with playful patterning.  The show also had a novel approach to animation that combined hand-drawn, After Effects, Flash, and CG all in order to invite the viewer into this world.  As an aside, the lead characters happen to look a lot like Soo and the uber-talented Art Director, Dino Alberto, and their robot friend is voiced by none other than Donovan Patton, "Joe"of BLUE'S CLUES fame.

While we wrap up work on FEEDING GROUND, I thought I would share some of my Season 1 backgrounds below:


  1. Are those your illustrations or stuff your helping with direction on? Gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Thanks Man - these were my illustrations based on the art direction for the show. it's a photo collage style first pioneered on Blue's Clues and sort of evolved to this point.