Thursday, June 30, 2011


Seems that Issue 5 finally hit the stands this week after unexplained delays with the printer and distributor.  Titled FEVER DREAMS it's a particularly trippy issue that splits the Busqueda family, each member confronted with their own personal hell.

We were fortunate to get another batch of FEEDING GROUND-inspired art by cartoonists buds and comic luminaries.  Here's a glimpse at their contributions along with links and brief bios.

(artist/writer TROOP 142)

Mike and I go back to college where we we both did strips for The Cartoonists' Association of Rutgers (which I co-founded) and learned to be lefty brats in lieu of a practical art education.  Mike was the guy who really stuck with it, developed tremendously, and delivered in full with his autobio tome FREDDIE & ME about his life as a fan of the band Queen.  His webcomic TROOP 142 will be collected and printed soonish and he is also the co-host (with Alex Robinson) of THE INK PANTHERS SHOW podcast (ostensibly about comics but actually a painfully funny talk between friends) and host of his own comic creator interview show on THE COMICS JOURNAL.

(artist/writer NIGHT BUSINESS)

Self-published through TRADITIONAL COMICS and as a freelance illustrator for the likes of Playboy, Vice, and Rolling Stone, Ben is the modern master of pulpy drawings that leave you with the need to shower.  I'm friends with Ben and his co-horts at MAMMAL Magazine, one ridiculously talented bunch.  Ben recently got a lot of press for his comic THE INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF MAUREEN DOWD (a work of fiction and satire) and was featured in Marvel's STRANGE TALES vol.2.  His take on FEEDING GROUND is a battle frieze of blood and viscera.

(artist/writer MELON MAN COMICS)

Blake's got one of those cartoon styles, like THE SIMPSONS, that immediately translates any person or idea into his own species.  You can check out Blake's caricatures and toons on his blog.  He's also a regular contributor to the comic anthology THE GATHERING and part of a new art blog LAY OF THE LINE.  He's just getting started.

(artist/writer JOHNNY HIRO {half Asian, all hero})

Turn around, Fred Chao is behind you. Don't worry, it's a good thing. Brooklyn, NY is a hive of comic talent and I was pleasantly surprised to often run into Fred, particularly at BERGEN STREET COMICS.  JOHNNY loomed large for me alongside more overwrought heroes and, along with his freelance illustration work, Fred conveys a lot of power in a well-drafted line.  His FEEDING GROUND illustration ekes a fount of poetry our of a moment of our tale that I'm particularly proud of.

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