Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FEEDING GROUND _ Hardcover Cover

Although issues 5 & 6 of FEEDING GROUND have yet to hit the stands, we've been busy making revisions to the material and I've been working on book designs for the collected edition(s).  There will be two separate volumes, one English and one Spanish, collecting all six issues and due out this Fall.

All said, I'm pretty proud of what I was able to accomplish with the covers for the mini-series.  My draftsmanship on the interiors evolved over the course of six issues but the covers came out pretty much as I conceived of them and (I think) added something new to the comic wall.

That's why it's all the more consternating to find that I'm not 100% sold on my own image and design for the collected edition.  As with the mini, I needed an image that conveyed: Mexico, The Desert, Horror, and the general plot of the book.  What I arrived at is a vision of Santa Muerte, an iconic representation of the Virgin Mary as the saint of death, crying tears of blood that are being lapped up by a stray wolf.

Some moments this feels on the money, and others it feels forced and convoluted.

So, what say you, FEEDING GROUND fan?  Below, you can see the close to final art for the covers of the English (day) and Spanish (night) editions of the book.  Would you know or have a good idea of what this is about if you saw it on the shelf?  It is cool enough to tempt you to open it up?

I'm still feeling this out and exploring other options so any feedback is cool with me.

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