Sunday, July 17, 2011


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In honor of the visual library of poetic imagery realized by the BREAKING BAD creators and crew, I've concocted these Loteria versions of some of the more poignant images from the show.  You can read some cheat sheet translations of the less obvious Spanish below and a fuller explanation of the cards HERE.  You can also find the larger individual cards in sets 2, 3, and 4. Please let me know if my rudimentary Spanish skills gummed up my messages.  Note: Only a single card is a direct description of the image. You know which one?

Caution: Possible SPOILERS if you're not fully caught up with the episodes.

8 - EL OSO - While I wasn't completely sold on the pool tease and ultimate Season 2 reveal, the lingering eye of THE BEAR served as a spooky, guilt-laden totem of Walt's conscience.

32 - ADJUSTADO - "TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT!" Tuco's catchphrase and current predicament encased in a lucite cube.  Also, Hank's chest during a panic attack.

37 - UNA PUERTA - This is the one of which I am most proudLast season, we see Jessie obsessing over Jane's outgoing message and then over a cigarette with lipstick left in his car ashtray. Later in the season, we actually get a show-opener where Jessie and Jane make it out to the Georgie O'Keefe museum and rather than the pictures of vaginas that he was promised, Jessie is flummoxed by an abstract painting of a door. Jane's response is that O'Keefe was not "obsessing" over it, painting the door in every imaginable light, she was loving it, trying to remember it exactly as it was. As Jane extinguishes her cigarette in the car ashtray, Jessie repeats incredulously "A door. A DOOR?"

41 - SANGRON - Literally "a bleeder" which is what Jessie often is.  Figuratively, a whiner or bitcher as in "BITCH!"


  1. Love it, all of it. But... ADJUSTADO is misspelt, it should read AJUSTADO, without the ' D'.

  2. Agh - thanks for the comment. I'll fix in future iterations.

  3. awesome !!! you should do the whole deck these are sooo awesome my favorite show and my favorite card game!!! thanks for posting !!!