Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CHICKIEPOO & FLUFF _ Background Design

Here you have some more production art from the Nick Jr. Pilot/ Animated Short CHICKIEPOO & FLUFF: BARNYARD DETECTIVES.

In this case, the master shots of three prominent backgrounds that I designed and/or art directed.

Their bedroom in the peak of a chicken coop. This never actually made it on air but it was the mood piece that I designed for the pitch book that really helped set the tone. The creators, sisters Amy and Liza Steinberg, had contrasting and yet complimentary tastes in that they wanted something that was pastoral and flat, super cute and lived in. In general, we employed a Photoshop collage style that had been honed on other Nick Jr. shows like "Blue's Clues." The magic hour lighting was a must.

Their secret headquarters was located in a bush near the coop. Nibbles, the bunny, was their first client. For me, it was a chance to go all "Secret of Nihm" and if the show went to series, I would have wanted to push the shadows and add more nooks and crannies. Astrid Riemer did an incredible job crafting the props (all those leaves!) and setting the stage.

The farm at night. I appreciate this one for its moonlit glow and the combination of geometric and organic shapes. Astrid did the Photoshop honors on most of this one.

Need more Chickiepoo in your life? Take to the streets and let your voices be heard.

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