Friday, June 18, 2010

THE GATHERING _ Comic Anthology

A few months ago, I participated in illustrating a story for an anthology called The Gathering: The Thing with Feathers that will be released next month.

Edited and published by Andrew Goletz, the book is a collection of two-page shorts, tied arounf the theme of "hope," for which Andrew paired aspiring writers and artists on the Jinxworld message board. In my case, I was worked with Andrew's two sons, Ethan and Liam, who both wrote separate pages that we then joined to create a single story called "Better Days." The boys are internet celebrities in their own right for their online comic reviews here:

It was a fun project bringing their words to life and a chance to try out new cartooning techniques. It's a very talented group involved with the book and I'm looking forward to checking out the other stories.

You can order and read more about the project here and help Andrew out with his Kickstarter Campaign to fund more volumes in the future.

Cover below by mucho skilled cartoonist Aaron Bir.

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