Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Haven't been able to post in a little while but I'd be remiss not to share some news here. I started this site as a way to offer up some lessons I was learning as a novice illustrating my first graphic novel-length comic, FEEDING GROUND. I've shared posts on comic classes and pitching. On page layouts, logos, covers, coloring, and book design. About a year ago I was contacted by Jason Carpenter, an employee of Hollywood producer Ed Pressman, through this very blog. And, a few weeks ago, it was finally announced on the Hollywood Reporter that FEEDING GROUND has been optioned as a movie by PRESSMAN FILM.

Ed's a visionary who has produced a wide range of classics from WALL STREET to AMERICAN PSYCHO, other comic adaptations like CONAN and THE CROW, and exotic animals like The Talking Heads' TRUE STORIES. Here's what he has to say about FEEDING GROUND:

Feeding Ground is an intense and terrifying thriller with a subtle but pointed commentary on immigration in modern America,” said Pressman. “The graphic novel is so cinematic in nature — as soon as I read it, I knew we could make a film that would resonate with a wide audience.”

Ed also recently gave an interview with Comic Book Resources hereStephen Christy, the most handsome man in comics, has been soft love shepherding this into existence on the Archaia end.

We're fortunate to be in this position and I'm proud of my collaboration with Swifty Lang and Chris Mangun, the process as much, if not more than, the product. You can read Swifty's account at

So, what does this mean? Nothing's guaranteed but we've already received the first treatment by screenwriter Carlos Coto (NIKITA, 24). I wasn't expecting the rush of reading our characters as existing outside of our heads and alive in someone else's hands. Carlos has already unearthed and boiled down the essential narrative and greater myth of FEEDING GROUND, and, if our fortune continues, we'll be seeing the tale directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (AMERICAN HORROR STORY).

Thanks for your support and, hopefully, more news to come...